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  The Clutter Column® is a "ready to assemble" design. The hardware parts are provided, and a simple Phillips screw driver is required.

Of course the individual shelves which fit into slots are removable and moveable. The acrylic pockets are formed by arranging acrylic panels to form multiple pockets within the channel part of the column. These parts are positioned after assembling the column.

Your Clutter Column® will arrive in pieces packed for protection during shipping. Examine the packing method before unpacking. The pieces have layered cushion paper to prevent abrasion between pieces. The entire collection is held together within a 4 mil poly bag.

After unpacking the pieces examine the pieces for damage before discarding the packing materials and your memory of the packing method. If there is any damage, contact for replacement. If you are satisfied, remove all packing material from reach of children. Any polyethylene bag is a hazard to small children who play with anything.

Click for larger image of packed parts:

The parts which require "assembly" joined together are the solid wood basepiece, column, and toppiece. The basepiece is joined to the column by provided screws. After the column is standing on its basepiece, the toppiece is attached to the column with "camlocks". Camlocks work by clamping down on a pair of pins which are screwed into the underside of the toppiece.

Here is a closeup view that shows the toppiece with pins attached.

Click for larger image of top with pins:

Now you have the basics, more instructions are provided with your Clutter Column®