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The following is a plain text order form with blank lines. The preferred method of use is to Highlight and Copy all of the text within this portion of your web browser (including these instructions). Then open your email client program to Compose an email to the address shown in this image

image for bycheck email

In the body of that new email, Paste all of the text previously copied into your clipboard. Move your cursor to each blank line and enter your information.

 Your keyboard will perform best in "TypeOver" mode  which avoids pushing letters into a growing line of characters. To toggle (change) a keyboard between "TypeOver" mode and ordinary "Insert" mode  hit the "INSERT" key only once. Each tap to "INSERT" key will toggle back to the other mode.

Fill in your contact information and paste or enter your item selection. Calculate your shipping and total. Send the email and print one copy of your sent email to enclose with your check. will respond by email to confirm the receipt of your order and shipment.

Compact Item List for Clutter Column®
as described on  purchase page

Clutter Column® Oak         #190oak    $145
Clutter Column® Maple #190map $145
Swivel Base #190base $10
Shelf Extra Oak #190xo $8
Shelf Extra Maple #190xm $8
Separate Accessory Shipment #99sep $6 per order
. Purchaser
Purchaser Name ____________________________
Purchaser Address ____________________________
. ____________________________
City, State ____________________________
. ZipCode ___________________
Phone ____________________
. ShipTo: Recipient
Shipto: Recipient _____________________________
ShipTo: Address _____________________________
. _____________________________
City, State _____________________________
. ZipCode __________________
Phone ____________________
Order Date : __________________

| Item Description |Item Number|PriceEa.|# |LineTotal






. Subtotal |________|

. Add shipping equal to 10% of subtotal |________|

. Check Payable to Total Amt. |________|