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The Clutter Column® is a companion, not just an "organizer". It's duties are as diverse as the books,magazines,tablets,pens,pencils,phones,implements,gadgets, devices or tools that you decide to pack into its shelves and pockets. A Clutter Column® may stay at a workstation next to your phone or your computer. A Clutter Column® is also happy to be out in the middle of a room and moving from place to place....it may serve one favorite reading chair or any other place of relaxation. It is adjustable the way you want it and it belongs anywhere that you want it.

The Clutter Column® is a patented design that has been imported to a number of nationally distributed catalogs, but this is the home of the only Clutter Column® produced in the USA. These Clutter Column®s are made of solid hardwood red oak (left above) or maple (right above). It may seem odd to have clutter purposely strewn on something made of beautiful wood, but to do its duty, it would rather not be neat or empty.

Follow this link for a photo series of various arrangements of clutter.

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