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 Why This Design?

A Clutter Column® footprint is less than one square foot, intended to be moved right next to its user. Some people refer to its shelves for magazines and papers as its "front" and its adjustable pockets (for little things) as its "back". In actual use, it is often accessed from either side, and it is intended to be moved. It is readily rotated by a slight tilt and pivot, or an optional swivel base lets it pivot without any tilt. Because it is meant to be moved and it shamelessly displays its cargo of clutter, it is usually exempted from perfect placement according to the rules of other static furniture. Depending on your strength and the cargo, it can be lifted by one hand scooped through the top of the column. If your favorite rocking chair follows the seasons of sunlight across a room, so can your Clutter Column®.

Although most furniture is arrayed around the fringes of a room and some clutter is meant to be tucked away in drawers and shelves within such furniture, a subset of your most current and most personal clutter deserves to be out where you are, even if that is the middle of your room.

A home or office is loaded with power spots. Some are related to projects and work, others spots are for retreat and contemplation. Either of these activities is often connected to study or reading and sometimes notetaking and a little doodling. If there is a phone present, it will be a magnet for more lists,directories,and notes. Even a computer station is usually not paperless or devoid of pen and pad for jotting notes.

A favorite chair is often at the center of a power spot and you are at the center of it. Directly in front of this "seat of power" there may be a desk, a work table, perhaps at TV across the room, or a special view out a window. Once seated the occupant of this power spot is no different than the worker who has climbed a step ladder only to discover that some tool is missing, or the diner who is seated only to discover that the butter is still in the fridge. There is not currently a refrigerated version of the Clutter Column®, it's a very open design.

We think of a desk as being designed for its work, but there are some desk denizens who find the far side of the desk surface to be too far away for a favorite reference manual or a phone. Some persons wish to be surrounded by tools arranged in the metaphor of a cockpit. Another metaphor is the holster situated exactly at the users hand, left or right. There is not currently any accessory belt for strapping a Clutter Column® to your side.

Hopefully this has explained "why this design", but this deserves a disclaimer. A Clutter Column® is ready and willing to serve your purposes with its own versatility,but only you can decide what priorities deserve its special status. You may be so successful in banishing all clutter to assigned storage that you have none that needs to be near your side. Or you may be successful with assigned storage and have an efficient and fresh remainder of clutter that you want nearby; if you are so fortunate, you can then choose your preferred place for personal clutter. If you are one for whom disorganization can overwhelm all available places both remote and near at hand, then best wishes to you and to your Clutter Column® or any other experiment.